The Future of Dentistry is Digital

Transformation to Digital

At team D-Tech we believe that “the future of dentistry is digital”. Several conventional dental work flows will be transformed by digital processes in the near future. New 3D printing materials are going to be at the forefront of enabling these changes.

  • In many markets, wax patterns have almost been fully replaced by 3D printed patterns
  • A huge number of dental models are now printed instead of poured using Die Stone
  • In the year 2021 and 2022 we saw very high quality splints being printed successfully
  • 2023 will most likely be the year when we see 3D printed dentures gain traction
  • Aligners are now being printed and dental clinics already

A huge number of digitally transformed workflows are now becoming commonplace

Our Digital workflow

Validation on Printers

At our R&D lab, we keep trying and validity our resins on most of the well known printers sold across the world. We are happy to support dental professionals from all over the world in developing validated workflows for 3D printed parts. Our validation process calculates the optimum setting that will allow the user to get the best 3D printing results. These results are then validated both by testing the mechanical properties and testing the degree of cure. The results in not only the best possible mechanical properties but also in the most biocompatible version on the cured resin parts.

Post Cure Guidance

Our studies have clearly shown that the post cure protocol is often ignored although it is a critical part of getting the best results for 3D printed parts

Printer Settings

A General guideline that helps to demistify printer settings is available in the Downloads section.

If you are speaking advanced guidance on the optimum settings for your print out please get in touch with us via Email or WhatsApp, where we are more than happy to help.

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