Compomax Intro Kit

Nano Hybrid LC Anterior – Posterior Composite Kit

Product Information

D-Tech compomax kit consists of Nano Hybrid Light Curing anterior posterior composites for filling of all cavity classes. It is a light cured resin based dental restorative material. It comes with a 37% phosphoric acid etching gel syringe and a D-Tech AQ Bond, Bonding agent which is a 5th Generation total etch single step light cured bonding agent.


High compressive strength
High flexural strength
Low shrinkage
Easy to sculpt
Does not stick to instrument


4g x 4g LC Compomax Composite Syringe
1 x 2.5g Etching gel syringe
1 x 5ml 5th generation Bonding
1 x 50pcs Fibered Applicator tips
1 x 20pcs Angeled tips

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