Embrace LC

Light cure orthodontic adhesive bonding system

Product Information

Embrace LC is a highly filled materials are delivers optimum bond strength in all situations. Small particle filler for extra strength and yet easy to debond. It has the right level of tackiness. Ideal level of this property ensures that the cement holds the bracket in position and does not allow the bracket to drift during the adjustment of bracket position.


Unlimited working time to precisely place metal composite or ceramic brackets followed by a quick light cure
UV cures and only 20 seconds of light exposure
Small particle filler for extra strength and yet to debound
Colour stable to preserve excellent aesthetics


1 x 5g Adhesive Paste Syringe
1 x 3ml Primer Bottle
1 x 3g Ortho Etch Syringe
1 x 2pcs Angled Tips
1 x 5pcs Fibered Applicator Tips

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